In a bombshell world exclusive The ENQUIRER reports OSAMA BIN LADEN’s ex-wife – and his mistress – reveal the terror kingpin’s sick, diseased maniacal world of sexual perversion and hard-core drugs.

Now, for the first time, a true picture of the demented terrorist is emerging – a child abuser, sexual pervert and gravely ill bully who treated his own family like dogs.

Here, in an ENQUIRER world ex­clusive, is a behind-the-scenes look at the late terror mastermind through the eyes of the women closest to him.

They lived and slept with the world’s most wanted criminal until he was finally gunned down at age 54 on May 1 at his Pakistan compound by America’s heroic Navy SealTeam Six. And the raid came just in time, The ENQUIRER learned.

“Osama’s next targets were the United States Capitol, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London – and he bragged he had at least one suitcase nuclear device,” his fourth wife Siham bin Laden told a confidant.

The nuclear de­vice has not been found, and authori­ties believe he never actually possessed it.

“Everyone called him a monster – and he was – but what no one knew is that he had plunged into a deranged mental state due to advanced diabetes,” said Si­ham.

She had four chil­dren with Osama and finally left him when he took a fifth wife – who was only 17.

Although bin Laden tried to keep Siham close by in another house, she eventually fled with the three youngest children to the United Arab Emir­ates.

She describes the graying thug as living in dread fear of being caught by American soldiers. If it looked like he was about to be cap­tured, he made plans to have a follower shoot him and videotape it for television, which he thought would inspire his followers, she said.

“Osama slept only two or three hours a night and refused to wear wrist­watches because he was so paranoid about the United States using spy sat­ellites to track him. In his addled state, he thought watches might somehow be used to track him.

“He ate very little because if he was full it made him sleepy – and he need­ed to stay alert at all times.”

His eldest son Abdallah was given a grim assignment. “He had strict orders from his father to shoot him in the head if Americans were closing in – and he wanted it done in front of a camera so later it could be televised.”

Osama’s mistress Kola Boof, who was with him from 1996 to 1998 as he masterminded the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, says at times the terrorist held her against her will and regularly raped her. He once kept her prisoner for 10 months in a Moroccan hotel, she says.

After bin Laden disappeared, Kola was told that he had found a replace­ment for her – a woman he kept chained in his Pakistan hideout to serve as his sex slave.

 “Kola also described Osama as having horrible body odor, and said he often beat her to make her do what he wanted sexually.

“When he raped her, he would bite her like an animal.”

Kola wrote a book about her life with bin Laden, called “Diary of a Lost Girl.” In it, she divulged: “During sex, he started biting me very hard – on my breasts, neck and arms. When I screamed out in pain, he got really excited and made these awful animal sounds.”

She added that the self-proclaimed religious zealot once wanted to have an orgy with “a French girl and a Jew­ish stripper.”