Natalie Wood Secret Diaries

“WE maintained a superficially happy relationship and hoped that by pretending there was nothing wrong, the problems would go away.”

Shortly before her tragic death, NATALIE WOOD wrote those haunting words in her secret diary –­­ a chilling 118-page document kept hidden away under lock and key until The National ENQUIRER obtained it exclusively.

The pages are Natalie’s final testament from beyond the grave –­­ a journal filled with heart-wrenching detail about the living hell she endured at the hands of her husband, Hollywood actor Robert Wagner.

In her own dramatic words, the “West Side Story” star detailed the terrible agony Robert, now 85, inflicted on her during their 14 years of marriage.

She also revealed ­how degraded she felt as she endured the pain and humiliation of a cruel betrayal – at the hands of her husband.

Suggesting they were “naïve” to think they could live “happily ever after” with all their woes, a tortured Natalie referenced a bombshell disclosure ­that she once caught Robert in bed … with a man!

In her diary, she described the sickening discovery as a “betrayal,” adding: “I was seething underneath!”

The ENQUIRER has learned the man in bed with Robert was a member of the couple’s household staff. Though he has since died, this publication has decided to withhold his name.

While the sordid scandal was hushed-up, Suzanne Finstad hinted at the incident in her 2002 book, “Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood.”

Suzanne wrote that after Natalie found “R.J. with a man in their home,” she thought, “It’s my fault. What’s wrong with me?”

Natalie’s own writings reveal more about her loveless marriage than ever known before in the 34 years since her mysterious death off the coast of California –­­ a case that remains an active police investigation. In her journal Natalie divulged: “It was more than a final straw. It was reality crushing the fragile web of romantic fantasies with sledgehammer force.”

In another entry, she penned, “Looking at it from the outside we must’ve seemed like the American dream, we were both attractive and successful so what could possibly be wrong?”

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