In a blockbuster world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has unearthed the images that may provide powerful evidence that the Oscar-winning actor suffered terrifying elder abuse before his death in April at the age of 93.

The ENQUIRER has also learned exclusively that enraged family members want his death case reopened and plan to pres­ent a secret dossier to law enforcement authorities – revealing the bombshell evidence that may explain why Mickey died!

The contents of that file can be detailed for the first time:

■ In one photo from Dec. 2011, Mickey – after being found in a pool of blood – is treated for a large gash on his head.

■ In another, taken Jan. 9, 2012, the 5-foot-2 star is missing a tooth and has a black eye.

At the time of his death, Mickey had moved in with his stepson Mark and his wife, Charlene, where he collapsed at the table while having lunch.

His longtime agent told The ENQUIRER he believed Mickey suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

But according to an insider’s claims, the dossier could indicate a contributing cause of death, as well as abuse that Mickey may have suffered at the hands of eighth wife Jan Chamberlin – a charge she vehemently denied.

In a statement, Jan told The ENQUIRER: “I deny each and every allegation that I mistreated Mickey. We were married for almost 40 years and I would never harm him.”

But the close source insisted: “It bothered me for a long time that I didn’t speak up about what was really going on between them. I feel I owe it to Mickey to finally tell the truth.”

The ENQUIRER’s sensational disclosures could lead to authorities opening an investigation and – if evidence of elder abuse is found – potentially to a blockbuster manslaughter charge or multimillion-dollar wrongful death lawsuit, according to one legal expert.

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