Jason Lee Ex Wife Carmen Scientology Made My Life Hell

In a blockbuster world exclusive interview the ex-wife of “My Name is Earl” star Jason Lee, former Scientologist Carmen Llywelyn tells The National ENQUIRER reveals Xenu’s darkest secrets!

The Church of Scientology and its secretive leaders can no longer hide their dark mysteries – especially as the ultimate insider courageously steps forward to expose the cult-like religion’s deepest secrets.

Former Scientologist Carmen Llywelyn has told The National ENQUIRER about how the controversial church harbors a sick obsession with members’ sex lives – and blackmails celebrities with their intimate confessions!

In a stunning exclusive interview given before the church was rocked by the “Going Clear” documentary aired by HBO on March 29, Carmen claimed the church turned a blind eye when she and her then-husband fought during violent drinking binges, harassed her even after she left the church and killed her acting dreams by etching her onto a Hollywood “blacklist.”

“They ruined my life and my career,” Carmen – whose exhusband, actor Jason Lee of TV’s “My Name is Earl” fame, is one of the church’s most high-profile celebrity members – told The ENQUIRER in a blockbuster interview.

“If I see a Scientologist now, I cross the street!”

Long before the HBO exposé, The ENQUIRER revealed the religion kept “blackmail files” on its most prominent members, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

According to Carmen, the information in those files is gleaned during so-called “auditing sessions” when celebrities are forced to reveal their sexual secrets.

“The church goes into your bedroom – literally!” Carmen said. “When you’re going through the auditing process, if a thought about your husband or an intimate sexual detail comes up, you are required to say it.”

It was Nicole Kidman who gave her the courage to break away from the religion.

They met when Nicole’s then-husband, Tom Cruise, was filming the 2001 movie “Vanilla Sky” with Jason Lee, and Tom introduced Nicole as a Scientologist.

“She turned and gave Tom the most evil look,” Carmen recalled. “I interpreted the look to mean, ‘I am not a Scientologist and I will not be a Scientologist.’ Next thing you know, they’re getting a divorce! It kind of inspired me.”

Carmen soon decided to leave Jason, who she said attacked her during the couple’s mutual drinking binges.

But Scientology ignored her pleas to end the violence while forbidding her to seek help with Alcoholics Anonymous!

“[Jason] was a drunk who hit me,” Carmen told The ENQUIRER, adding: “They didn’t say, ‘Hey, if you do that you’re gonna be arrested.’ There were no consequences for his behavior.”

Even worse, Carmen said the church continued to control her after she left. They pressured her into signing a divorce agreement drawn up by their officials, then allegedly harassed her with a string of prank phone calls after she commented about Kirstie on social media.

“I always felt monitored by them,” Carmen said. “I would see a person sit outside my door. They would want me to see them. It was like a show. A ‘noisy investigation,’ they call it.”

The church also used its clout to put her on a showbiz “blacklist,” she said.

When contacted by The ENQUIRER, the Church of Scientology blasted Carmen as “pathetic and bizarre,” adding that she “seeks to avoid taking personal responsibility for her actions by blaming the Church and others.” A rep for Jason has never addressed his ex-lovers allegations.