CLINT EASTWOOD proudly went public with his new squeeze at the Oscars, but the 84-year-old “Dirty Harry” star might not know about Christina Sandera’s dark past!

Christina, 51, has been arrested for “domestic battery” – and battled alcohol and anger management problems, according to police reports uncovered exclusively by The National ENQUIRER.

“Clint just got out of a bad marriage and now he’s found himself in a violent new romance if Christina’s past is any indication,” a source said.

“This certainly isn’t going to make his day!”

Before Christina landed a hostess job at Clint’s Mission Ranch in Carmel, Calif., she was involved in a stormy 11-month marriage to a bakery shop owner, divorce papers indicate.

Her ex, Paul Wainscoat, told The ENQUIRER: “It was hell – I wish Clint all the luck in the world with that woman!”

Eight months before the couple wed on July 17, 2002, an “Incident Report” from the Monterey [Calif.] Police Dept. details how cops responded to an incident at Christina’s home.

According to the report, she’d been dating Paul for only two months when they argued because Christina “was upset at him … because he decided not to move in” with her.

Paul wanted to leave, police said the police report stated, but Christina “grabbed onto his shirt and scratched his neck to prevent him.”  Paul called the cops. When cops arrived, she still had a death grip on his shirt, and the blonde, blue-eyed spitfire was arrested for “domestic battery.” Officers also noted her “strong odor” of alcohol!

Christina, in turn, claimed she was only trying to prevent her boyfriend from driving because he had been drinking.

Despite the incident, the couple tied the knot. But Paul said in divorce papers the marriage was a mistake, claiming Christina wanted to be treated like “a queen” and drained him financially!

Paul claimed “her post-marriage spending habits simply mirrored” the extravagant wedding she demanded, and her “alcoholism” contributed to “a number of bizarre incidents.”

He alleged in divorce papers, she threatened to “axe all” their furniture if he left her!

The marriage finally blew up on June 17, 2003, when police once again responded to a fight in which Paul alleged he was “being battered by his wife.”

Her hubby told cops Christina was “distraught due to the recent death of one of her cats,” and screamed at him, “Where are my kittens?”

Paul claimed she “hit him with a closed fist in his face twice,” and “then punched him in his left arm with a closed fist” before she “threw a full bottle of Gatorade which hit him in the back of the head.”

But a friend of Christina’s claimed to The ENQUIRER: “Wainscoat was actually the aggressor in the altercation.”

Paul did not press charges, but blamed Christina’s “drinking” before filing for divorce.

In court papers, Christina declared she wasn’t an alcoholic, but said she quit booze and attended AA meetings, in addition to 15 anger management classes.

The source added: “Clint may not know what he’s in for with Christina  – she could be a real handful!”