In a blockbuster world exclusive BILL COSBY went on the record about those sex assault accusers in a shocking interview conducted with The National ENQUIRER. 

While a torrent of accusers have crawled out of the woodwork with with allegations of sexual assault by Bill Cosby, there has been one voice that has been surprisingly silent —the comedian himself.

Apart from carefully worded statements on his webpage, Cosby has avoided discussing the claims, leaving untold his true feelings about the saga — until now.

In a bombshell world exclusive, The National Enquirer and can reveal explosive audio recording of the comedian’s disturbing, defiant thoughts on the matter — in his own words, from 2005 — and what he says is shocking.

Cosby made the statements in a recorded interview with Barry Levine of The National Enquirer back in 2005, shortly after attorney Tamara Green accused him of sexual assault.

And in the audio, provided by The ENQUIRER, he lays bare what he really thinks about the scandal. “Nobody ever wishes for a situation [like this],” he said in the no-holds-barred interview.

“Nobody ever really wishes for that.” “Who really wants to put his or her family in a position of information coming out publicly that will cause great emotional stress, challenge?” he asked. “The choices that the family, friends have made in looking at him or her as a good person, a wonderful person, a person to be trusted?”

Continuing with his rant, Cosby claimed that media reports that characterized him as lawyering up amid the scandal were “unfair.” “I guess that a celebrity trying to protect him or herself is not supposed to use every ounce of protection?” he said. “But this is all about celebrity, period!” “Which means that the celebrity, period, should know better,” he said. “It was a fair warning to the celebrity. Fair warning.”

In 2005, Green accused Cosby of drugging and groping her back in 1970. She recently publicized her claims again.

Listen to the bombshell audio BELOW, and check back later for more from this incredible interview!