No Fun! Fun! Fun! for battlin’ Beach Boys as THEY hit the curl in never-ending legal drama!

More fireworks ahead for the  Beach Boys, as fighting band leaders Mike Love and Brian Wilson hit the next chapter of their endless legal drama!

“The feud over the band’s name between Mike and Brian never died,” a source close to the band told The National ENQUIRER.

“A fresh round of legal action between the two is only around the corner. Both sides are preparing for a fight to claim ownership of the name.”

The litigation would be the latest in the courtroom wrangling that has engulfed the iconic band. Mike first sued Brian in 1989, claiming that Brian’s father Murry – who was the Beach Boys’ original manager – cheated Mike out of songwriting credits that would have resulted in millions in royalties.

In 2005, Mike hit Brian with another [later dismissed] lawsuit that claimed the songwriter improperly used re-recordings of Beach Boys songs to promote a solo album titled “Smile.” 

“It is really the people behind them – the lawyers, agents, managers – who are driving it,” the source added. “The funny thing is Mike and Brian are usually on pretty decent terms.”