Sad Last Days

End Of The Road For ‘Warrior’ Willie Nelson!

The dedicated singer has undergone treatment for health issues.

Willie nelson end of road
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Looks like it’s time to bid a tragic farewell to Willie Nelson.

Shocking new photos of the country singer show the gaunt, frail 82-year-old is losing his battle against massive health problems, including emphysema and repeated bouts of pneumonia. In a last-ditch effort, the star underwent stem-cell replacement therapy, a surgery that left him worse for wear — and his friends fearing he’s facing the end.

“All those decades playing 250 shows a year, not eating right and puffing pot daily have really done a number on Willie,” a friend told The National ENQUIRER.

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The brave road warrior faced a serious health crisis last fall, but rebounded and  has refused to quit performing.

“Willie knows he’s reaching the end,” said another pal, “but he’s always said he would rather die on his beloved tour bus than spend his last days on Earth lying in a hospital bed.”