Lust In Space!

How William Shatner Boldly Hit On His ‘Star Trek’ Co-Stars

Captain Kirk had ladies ready to abandon ship!

william shatner star trek scandals

“Star Trek” stud William Shatner’s incurable case of lust in space had actresses balking at beaming up onto the Starship Enterprise!

“Women hated to appear on the show because he pursued them relentlessly — even when they didn’t want his attention,” a veteran of the original series spilled to The ENQUIRER.

The actor — universally famous for portraying Capt. James T. Kirk — “was constantly trying to bed every co-star who came on the show,” dished the anonymous castmate.

Shatner, now 87, bragged he would “show them the universe like they’ve never seen it before,” according to another on-set survivor.

The former space cowboy has also admitted to taking advantage of fans at Trekkie conventions!

“I was single,” Shatner boasted, “and I had opportunities to be with many women — and I grasped a great many of them!”