LOOK out, GERARD BUTLER – twice-divorced mom of three SHARON STONE is looking to sink her cougar claws into you!

The 55-year-old blonde bombshell is hot on the hunky Scottish actor’s tail after the two hit it off Nov. 7 at a Los Angeles party, say insiders.

“Sharon has a major crush on Gerard, and she’s pulling out all the stops to snare him in her web,” revealed a close source.

“They giggled and held hands at the party after Gerard made the first move by compli­menting Sharon on her acting in ‘Basic Instinct,’ telling her the interrogation scene was the sexiest movie shot ever filmed.”

Gerard, 44, was raving about the sizzling scene in the 1992 movie during which Sharon’s character is being questioned by cops and distracts them by uncrossing her legs to reveal she’s not wearing panties.

Sharon acted just as frisky at the recent bash, where she gushed to fellow partygoers Edward Norton and Jeremy Renner that Gerard “is a hottie.”

According to the source, Sharon and Gerard exchanged phone numbers and have been in touch.

“Sharon doesn’t want to be Gerard’s girlfriend – she just wants a fun fling in a ‘friends with benefits’ sort of way,” the source said. “She’s had a crush on him ever since (his 2004 movie) ‘Phantom of the Opera.’”

Although Gerard is still involved with his on/off girlfriend, model Madalina Ghenea, Sharon appears up for the challenge.

Said the source: “Having a younger hunk lusting after her is the best self-esteem boost in the world.”