Why Sophia Loren Hated Marlon Brando’s Guts!


After working with the loutish MARLON BRANDO, SOPHIA LOREN swore a vendetta against him!

Sophia’s beauty and grace enthralled most men but Marlon Brando viciously insulted, belittled and even bit her causing Sophia to hate him forever!

Decades later after her bullying by Brando, Sophia is still seething with Roman rage.

According to “Sophia Loren: a Biography” by Warren G. Harris, the very first time the mumbling method actor met Sophia he offended her.

He boldly walked into her dressing room on the Parmount lot, glared at her paintings and said, “You’re sick. Emotionally disturbed. You should see a psychiatrist.”

THAT raised the curtain for a mutual loathing that grew more vicious with each meeting.

During the filming of 1967’s “The Countess of Hong Kong,” Brando complained that Sophia’s passion for Italian food made her breath smell “worse than a dinosaur’s”.

When they filmed their first kiss, all hell broke loose!

Sophia furiously broke away from Brando’s paws and loudly told the film crew: “Do you know what he just whispered to me? That I have long hairs growing out of MY nose?!”

After the director, famed comedian auteur Charlie Chaplin , restored order, Sophia did the kissing scene twice more.

But on the third take, Brando savagely bit her on the lip until she bled.

Chaplin recalled that when shooting Brando & Loren’s love scenes their mutual hate was more than evident.

“Each clasped the other as if embracing a werewolf!”

The movie was big flop and no one dared ever costar the two biggest stars in the world again – much to Sophia’s relief!