Why Rush Limbaugh Is In No Rush To Divorce His Sick Wife!

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Conservative kingpin Rush Limbaugh secretly planned to dump wife No. 4 — but now he’s standing by her as she battles a devastating mystery illness!

The bombastic broadcaster, 64, has rarely been seen with wife Kathryn Rogers, 38, whose health has deteriorated since their lavish 2010 wedding, insiders said.

“Kathryn is sick,” a source close to the pair told The National ENQUIRER. “She’s suffered from extreme fatigue — where she might sleep for almost an entire day — inability to hold food down, lack of appetite and excruciating pain in her abdomen.

“She has good days and bad days. She could be fine for several weeks, then she’ll struggle.”

Kathryn’s condition has wreaked havoc on her once-supermodel looks, said another source.

“The last time I saw her, she was barely recognizable,” the second source told The ENQUIRER. “She was emaciated and she’d lost her beautiful, flawless complexion.

“She was wrinkled and gray, and looked like death warmed over.

“She said she was having health problems and was supposed to see a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.”

Adding even more pressure, Kathryn confessed her illness has crushed her dream of having kids. “She confided that she had to have her ovaries removed,” added the second insider.

In response to the claims in this story, Rush told The National ENQUIRER, “Thank you for raising important health issues that affect millions of Americans each year … Kathryn is extraordinarily strong, with a profound work ethic and deep caring for others.”

He would not specifically address her illness, but said “some of” The ENQUIRER’s details were “not accurate.”

But the blonde beauty’s condition had been diagnosed when she began dating Rush, who’s worth an estimated $350 million — and he’s sticking by her side for as long as it takes her to recover, said the source!

“He doesn’t want her to claim he abandoned her,” the source said.

Rush, meanwhile, told The ENQUIRER he and Kathryn recently released a new book in their “Adventures of Rush Revere” bestselling children’s book series.

“It focuses on a young man’s struggle with his grandfather’s serious illness,” Rush said.