A disgusted MERYL STREEP never wants to work with JULIA ROBERTS ever again!  WHY?

 Because Julia isn’t about to let anything get in the way of her close-up – even fellow Oscar winner Meryl!

A source says the “Pretty Wom­an” actress hijacked the ending of the stars’ blockbuster new movie, leaving Meryl – and the film’s original closing scene – on the cutting room floor.

“Julia can’t get enough of her­self on the big screen,” a Holly­wood insider told The ENQUIRER. “When she got the chance, she threw Meryl under the bus for more screen time, a glowing close-up of her alone and a brand-new ending to their film.

“Meryl’s so disgusted she boy­cotted the premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.”

MERYL, 64, plays Julia’s mother in the upcoming film version of the Broadway smash “August: Osage County,” which also stars Juliette Lewis, Ewan McGregor and Dermot Mulroney.

The film, about three generations of a dysfunctional Oklahoma fam­ily, is already generating Academy Award buzz, including possible Best Actress Oscar nominations for both Meryl and Julia.

While the two women reportedly got along on the set, the original ending was a shot of Meryl alone after she’d been abandoned by her daughter. But the scene didn’t test well with audiences.

“That’s when Julia made her move,” the insider said. “She told (director) John Wells, ‘I love her to death, but she looks so sad on screen it’s a down­er. Maybe the camera could just hold on me for the final image.’ ”

Although the ending of the movie could still change, it ap­pears Julia ultimately got her way. For now, the final scene is a shot of the 45-year-old actress driving away alone.

“Meryl was livid,” the source added.

“And she never wants to work with Julia again.”