In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, unlucky-in-love Hunter Tylo reveals she gave the boot to her live-in lover Corey Cofield after discovering a love letter on her computer that he’d secretly written to another woman.

"It was like a bad soap opera," The Bold and the Beautiful star told The ENQUIRER.

Speaking with amazing candor about the two-timing bass guitarist, Hunter disclosed: "I booted Corey out in May after I found a letter he’d left on my computer – a love letter to his old fiancee. He claimed he couldn’t contact her because he’d been out of town, but that he missed her.

"I promised my mother on her deathbed that I would stop seeing Corey. She gave me a big smile and told me, ‘See how mother knows best?’" Hunter’s mother passed away on Aug. 3.

Hunter, who was cast to star on Melrose Place, has long been a magnet for trouble and heartbreak.

She took on mega-mogul Aaron Spelling, suing him and winning $5 million after he dumped her from the show because she was pregnant.

The actress also endured terrible tragedy. Her daughter Katya lost an eye to cancer, and then her 19-year-old son Michael died in October 2007 after he had a seizure and fell into a swimming pool.

"Corey took advantage of me when my defenses were low after the death of my son," Hunter told The ENQUIRER. "I needed someone to lean on and he was there. I cared deeply for him because I thought he was there for me when no one else was.

"Then I found out he was engaged to another girl!

"I took out a restraining order at one point, but then took him back when he promised to go to parenting classes and anger management classes.

"Corey wanted to get engaged in December, but I realized he wasn’t a marriage candidate for me.

"I lost three pets that he let out of the house, and he screwed up financial things for me. I found bills weren’t paid that I thought he’d paid.

"I hope I don’t have to take out another restraining order. Since I kicked him out, he’s been leaving me alone."

Hunter thought she had won Corey away from a 46-year-old eyeglass saleswoman. But the musician was apparently still involved with her.

The 47-year-old beauty endured two bumpy years with the 39-year-old guitarist before finally giving up in disgust.

Despite the pain she’s suffered, the popular performer remains an optimist.

"I want to start dating again," an upbeat Hunter confided to The ENQUIRER.

"But this time, I’m looking for a super-quality nice man. He doesn’t have to be handsome. I just want someone with good character."