Despite The Beatle’s admiration for The King, ELVIS PRESLEY despised JOHN LENNON with the passion of a thousand suns – and so did El pal TOM JONES!

When superstars Elvis and Tom hung out it was like BFF’s chilling – sharing secrets and swapping yarns about their fans and rivals, Tom’s PR flack Chris Hutchins  told the UK Daily Mail.

But whenever someone mentioned John Lennon’s name to EL, he would explode!

"Whenever John Lennon’s name came up, (Elvis) would fly into a rage," Hutchins confirmed to the tab.

"His dislike of the pacifist Beatle was born from the night I took the Fab Four to his house for their first – and last – meeting.

"John had annoyed Presley by making his anti-war feelings known the moment he stepped into the massive lounge and spotted the table lamps – model wagons engraved with the message: ‘All the way with LBJ.’

"Lennon hated President Lyndon B Johnson for raising the stakes in the Vietnam War."

Elvis had aligned himself with the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and later President Richard Nixon and thought of himself as some uber-patriot super-secret agent.

Presley encouraged the FBI to have Lennon deported as an "illegal alien" out of the U.S.A.

"He should’ve been kicked out long ago," Elvis told Jones.

No fan of Lennon’s himself, Tom replied he’d like to "take him outside and see what sort of hiding his intellect would stand" .