Furious DARK KNIGHT RISES star CHRISTIAN BALE’s TITANIC hate for LEO DICAPRIO.  IN a one-sided feud, Bat-Bale keeps dumping on Leo for stealing a string of juicy film roles from him – but the Leo could care less!

“Christian goes crazy whenever someone even mentions Leo’s name,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“He strongly believes that Leo stole a number of jobs right out from under his nose. Christian has never forgiven him – or forgotten.”

Bale, 38, reprises his “Batman” role in “The Dark Knight Rises,” and his feud with DiCaprio, 37, made headlines thanks to an unflattering new book by Bale’s former publicist.

IN “Christian Bale; The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman,” author Harrison Cheung writes: “DiCaprio! The name burned Christian like a branding iron.”

Bale’s obsession dates back to DiCaprio beating him out for roles in the offbeat comedy “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and the dark drama “This Boy’s Life” opposite Robert De Niro, said the source.

“One of Christian’s life­long dreams was to work with De Niro, and he was incredibly jealous when Leo got the part,” said the source.

“Then Bob and Leo became fast friends, and that scalded Christian. To add insult to injury, Leo won the role of Jack Dawson in ‘Titanic’ – opposite Kate Winslet – because direc­tor James Cameron didn’t want British actors playing the two leads!”

But DiCaprio just ig­nores Bale’s obses­sive jealousy, said the source.

“Leo has a lot of respect for Chris­tian as an actor, and doesn’t feel as if they’re competing against one another,” said the source. “He believes Hollywood is big enough for both of them.”