Trademark dreadlocks cover truth about WHOOPI GOLDBERG.
The 55-year-old co-host of “The View” recently confessed that she’s suf­fered hearing loss in both ears and wears small hearing aids under her trademark dreadlocks.
And in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, the Oscar-winning “Ghost” star praised the Starkey Hearing Foundation for providing her with the devices and distribut­ing them for free to children around the world.
“I attribute my own hearing loss – which, by the way, is suffered by thousands of people in vary­ing degrees – to years and years of listening to music so loudly and so close to the delicate ear drum,” Whoopi told The ENQUIRER.
But with her Starkey hearing aids, she can hear low tones that she’d otherwise miss.
On July 24, Whoopi presented an award to her close friend, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, who raised a record amount – more than $1.1 million – for the foundation as runner-up on the reality TV show “The Celebrity Apprentice” last season.
Since becoming involved with the foundation, Whoopi “has become a big advocate for better hearing and is always cautioning people against abusing devices such as iPods that can lead to hearing loss,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.
“The great thing about Whoopi is that she doesn’t let health issues bring her down. Instead, she thinks positive and uses her con­cerns as springboards to shed light on the problem and help millions around the world.”