BOBBI KRISTINA’s former neighbors are relieved that she and her fiance Nick Gordon have been booted from their neighborhood, but they now fear for the life of Whitney Houston’s troubled daughter.

In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, one neighbor revealed disturbing details about the couple’s June 5 eviction from their Alpharetta, Ga., apartment – including violent fights, drug- and booze-filled all-nighters and death threats against anyone who complained.

Although Bobbi Kristina’s reps issued a statement denying that she and Nick had been forced to leave, a neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, said 20-year-old Krissi (as she’s known to friends) and Nick, 24, were a “nightmare” to live near and were kicked out of the apartment.

Krissi and Nick, who's also her “adopted brother,” paid approximately $2,000 a month for their unit at the AMLI North Point apartments on Beaver Creek Road. But the neighbor says the young couple quickly turned their home into a flop house for pals after moving in about a year ago.

“These friends were just a bunch of strangers who always came with arms full of booze and looking for a good time,” the neighbor claimed. “I have never been inside their apartment, but I understand from other people on the same floor that there were drugs and liquor all over the place in there.

“They played loud music all night disturbing everyone around them until 6 a.m. – and they didn’t care.”

Neighbors complained multiple times to the management office and Alpharetta Police Department which infuriated Nick, says the neighbor.

i “Nick didn’t actually pull his gun out on anyone, but he let it be known that he had a ‘weapon’ and knew how to use it,” the neighbor recalled. “He actually said, ‘You all better shut the (bleep) up or else!’”

Krissi, on the other hand, would play the “Whitney card,” telling unhappy neighbors they should “get off her back” because she’s still dealing with grief from her mother’s death, according to the source. The “I Will Always Love You” singer drowned in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Feb 11,2012.

Bobbi Kristina inherited about $20 million from her mom. She gets 10 percent of it when she turns 21 next March, another portion when she turns 25 and the remainder on her 30th birthday. But that money apparently didn’t buy Bobbi Kristina and Nick any friends in their neighborhood. The last straw came about a week before their eviction, when a violent fight erupted in their apartment after Nick crashed his car into the door of the complex’s underground parking garage.

“I could hear glasses being thrown and shattered,” said the neighbor. “I was worried that Krissi was being seriously hurt. It wasn’t the first time we heard fights and loud noise coming from Krissi’s apartment, but this time it sounded much more serious.”

Several neighbors, including Joshua Morse, who lived downstairs, got a nasty handwritten “farewell” letter, allegedly from Krissi, sarcastically “thanking” them for “making a hard year harder.” A family friend calls Bobbi Kristina “literally homeless” now and believes the young couple will have problems finding another apartment complex that will take them in.

“No one knows where they are staying now or will live in the near future.”

Concluded the neighbor: “I am so glad it’s over for us, but I’m afraid it’s not over for Krissi – and that’s what’s so sad. Nick is bad news. We’re afraid for her life.”