Head trauma wasn’t the only thing that killed "Diff’rent Strokes" star GARY COLEMAN  – he also died of a broken heart.

The 42-year-old actor was obsessed with his much younger ex-wife Shannon Price, insiders say, but she treated him like dirt!

Callous Shannon, 24, humiliated the pint-size star by taking a lover, physically abused him, berated him for spending money on his toy trains and complained about her health, sources say.

"Gary had a sick addiction to Shannon. He loved her with all his heart, but I think all she really wanted was his money," divulged a family friend.

Ironically, Coleman was flat broke when he died on May 28 from a brain hemorrhage after falling in his Santaquin, Utah, home, the source said.

"He owed more on his house than it is worth, and they had just $100 in their checking account when Gary died," said the friend.

"There wasn’t even enough money to pay for his funeral."

Coleman was born with congenital kidney disease that stunted his growth. The 4-foot-8 actor had two kidney transplants and underwent dialysis three times a week. He also had heart surgery before Christmas, suffered multiple seizures, and had a recurring staph infection.

But Shannon was so desperate for attention that she claimed to be sicker than Gary, said the source.

The couple married in August 2007 and divorced a year later due to Shannon’s relationship with a mechanic named Paul. When that relationship fizzled, she moved back in with Gary.

"In a weird way, Gary trusted Shannon like no one else, and couldn’t live without her," maintained the friend.

 "Shannon became more abusive than ever. She’d scream at him for spending money on his trains, and call him a baby for complaining about his health problems. Worst of all, she hit and pushed him all the time."

Shannon’s rep denied that she was ever unfaithful or abusive to Gary and said Shannon is so upset over his death that she is unable to hold down food.

"All she does is watch ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ all day," said the rep.

Sources say otherwise.

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