AMERICAN IDOL execs hired three new judges to join Randy Jackson on the panel for Season 12. But the newcomers all have skeletons in their pasts, and The ENQUIRER rips the lid off the things they don’t want fans of the hit FOX show to know about.


keith Urban may be a happily married man today, but the country star was embroiled in a shocking cheating scandal just three months before tying the knot with Nicole Kidman! Keith allegedly enjoyed a torrid sex romp with a porn star at an “unofficial” bachelor party in Los Angeles.

According to a source, the 26-year-old X-rated movie actress was telling pals that she and Urban spent three hours having sex in a suite at a posh L.A. hotel in late March 2006. “Keith told the porn star…how beautiful she was, how he wanted her ‘right away.’ She said they were drinking champagne when he told her he’d like to perform a sex act on her,” the source said. “The porn star hurriedly pulled him away into a private bedroom. She told her friends afterward that he was ‘sensational.’” Keith and Nicole wed in June 2006 and have two daughters, Sunday and Faith. And insiders say Nicole should have known her beau had a wild side – after all, he’d posed for “Playgirl” magazine in 2001! While he stopped short of full frontal nudity, one photo shows him in his birthday suit, his privates covered by his guitar. The 45-year-old later quipped: “Thank God I play guitar and not harmonica!”


Here’s a little something Mariah Carey doesn’t want you to know:

Her New Year’s tour in Australia was a dismal failure and critics are whispering that the diva’s days as a superstar are numbered! Her first show, at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on New Year’s Day, was blasted as an amateurish dud. Not only did the 43-year old “Vision of Love” singer arrive late to the stage, her performance was interrupted several times by sound problems. And her second show, at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, wasn’t any better. A review published in “Time Out Sydney” stated: “There were long exits for pointless costume changes, stretches of filler with her dancers and a song from her backup singer.” Rachel Olding of the “Brisbane Times” wrote that “the diva has become a downer,” adding: “Mariah has become a caricature of herself – and not in a lovable Dolly Parton kind of way.”


Nicki Minaj may claim to be openly bisexual, but few fans know she was linked in a lesbian tryst with fellow performer Rihanna!

Barbadian bombshell Rihanna tweeted a photo of her and Nicki, saying that they were “getting busy” and that she was having a hard time keeping her hands off the flamboyant “Starships” singer! The two women continued to exchange flirtatious tweets, implying that they had an ongoing sexual relationship and had even moved in together! Nicki, 30, now says it was all a joke. But what isn’t a joke is Nicki’s pre-showbiz work history. The entertainer says she made the decision to launch a rap career after being fired from 15 jobs, including a gig as a waitress at Red Lobster. “I chased a customer out of the restaurant once so I could stick my middle finger up at her and demand that she give me my pen back,” Nicki recalled. “I swear to God I was bad.”