What He’s Hiding: The Dark Secrets That Will Destroy George & Amal Clooney

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In a blockbuster world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has obtained secret spy photos of George Clooney kissing another man that could seal the deal on his $220 million divorce.

The never-before-seen images give a shocking glimpse into the twisted double life of one of Hollywood’s leading men — a risqué past he kept hidden from his wife of 13 months, glamorous human rights lawyer and activist Amal.

The sordid photos show George, then 34, smooching actor Noah Wyle — his co-star on TV’s “ER” — at a movie premiere in 1995.

Noah was dating “ER” co-star Sherry Stringfield and fooling around with George. But the emergence of the embarrassing same-sex snaps will add fuel to the raging inferno of innuendo about the movie star’s sexuality!

A source told The ENQUIRER: “Regardless of their purported innocence, these pictures are sure to reignite all the vicious gay rumors that have haunted George since his bachelor days — dirty rumors that followed him right down the aisle when he finally got married last year!”

Added the Hollywood informant: “There’s no doubt George never told Amal about these pics of him kissing a dude!

“While I’m sure prankster George will now laugh them off as a joke, the photos are exactly the sort of thing Amal’s friends suspect — that George is hiding a lot more about his personal life!

“There’s no doubt her pals will tell her now’s the time to get out of the marriage!”

In The ENQUIRER’s Oct. 12 issue, sources reported the 54-year-old Hollywood heartthrob had already dumped Amal, 37, on the eve of their one-year wedding anniversary.

Fed-up George had gone back to hanging out with his drinking buddies, said sources — and the power couple’s “businesslike arrangement” had crumbled behind-the-scenes.

Additionally, “the Amal experiment” was backfiring badly on George, who was “looking for a way out” since he married her in a star-studded ceremony in Venice, Italy, on Sept. 27, 2014, the source added.

Their union has been anything but a honeymoon. As The ENQUIRER previously exposed, the marriage is nothing more than a “sham” — drawn up in a secret “contract.”

What’s more, George’s rumored “double life” had driven a deep divide between the couple after revelations surfaced of the Oscar-winning actor’s indifference to sex with women.

One hottie, model Kim Weiant, who claimed to be the star’s ex-lover, said he preferred booze to intimacy!

Sparking more speculation, George’s boozy get-togethers with pals like Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford’s husband, Rande Gerber, remain the talk of Tinseltown.

George’s “bro-mance” with Rande — his partner in the Casamigos Tequila business — has led to problems in his marriage, other insiders have revealed.

The “Gravity” hunk constantly shoehorns Rande into celebrations with Amal, including their first Christmas together as man and wife!

Said the source: “Amal’s sick of having three people in the marriage!”

While George’s “ER” pal Noah is now married for the second time, the continued presence of Waldo Sanchez, a handsome hairdresser who often accompanies George on his worldwide travels, has also hurt the couple.

The two men met in the mid-1990s when George was just becoming famous as Dr. Doug Ross on the NBC hit “ER.”

Now, his provocative photos from that long-ago time could serve as the death knell for his short marriage to Amal.

Claimed the source: “Nobody wants to see their husband making out with another guy.

For Amal, it begs the question, ‘What else is George hiding?’”