Wedding Planner Babs Drives Brolin Bonkers

Barbra Streisand Arriving for Storytellers During the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Meddling Barbra Streisand is pushing step-granddaughter Eden Brolin to make things official with longtime fiancé Cameron Crosby — and once again her brash prying is shredding her family’s nerves, according to spies.

Barbra, 79, married to Eden’s grandfather James Brolin, 81, since 1998, often takes her role as stepmom too seriously, say sources, who insist Eden’s dad, Avengers star Josh Brolin, 54, is getting annoyed.

“They all know she means well and gets excited over things, but meddling, fussing about everything and interfering, calling them at all hours with ideas she’s had is way over the top,” spills an insider.

“Eden loves Barbra, they are very close, so the last thing she wants to do is offend her, but she’s been begging her dad, Josh, to step in and tell Barbra to back off a little.”

Eden, 28, who plays Mia on the TV hit Yellowstone, and her struggling actor fiancé, Cameron, 28, hooked up in 2017 and got engaged to much fanfare in 2018, but have yet to set a date.

“They’ve been engaged over three years and will get married when they feel like it,” notes the tipster. “Eden doesn’t want a big to-do.

“She’s been so busy with Yellowstone and her other projects that a quick courthouse ceremony is looking pretty good.”

“But Barbra is appalled at the thought and insists they have it at her Malibu house and she’ll pay, for most of it.”

While Eden’s dad, Josh, celebrated his daughter’s happy engagement news on social media, he isn’t pushing for a wedding.

“Josh had seen this before — Barbra goes gaga over his younger kids,” spills the source. “No one wants to tell her to her face, but they all wish Barbra would take a chill pill and let the couple plan their wedding themselves.”