Wedding Bells for Tiger Woods!

2019 Presidents Cup Golf Gala in Melbourne - Arrivals, Australia - 10 Dec 2019

Gimpy golf great Tiger Woods is pumped to walk down the aisle with galpal Erica Herman — but vows to do it without limping or losing a hunk of his $800 million fortune, tipsters squeal.

After years of foreplay, the links legend, 46, who was crippled in a February 2021 car crash, is ready to “put a ring on her finger and make it official” — if Erica inks an ironclad prenup, spies tell The National ENQUIRER.

According to an insider, “Tiger’s decided he needs to make this happen with Erica, and he’s psyched about making her his bride after all she’s done for him. Her loyalty and patience have been rock solid, even when he’s been the most difficult company.”

But Tiger is still sporting a leg brace, undergoing extensive therapy and is occasionally forced to use a cane, as he struggles to recover from the rollover accident that left him hospitalized with shattered legs and inches from death.

However, spies claim his injuries haven’t crippled his dreams of walking tall with Erica at their wedding, especially since her support helped erase fears caused by his disastrousmarriage to Elin Nordegren — mom of his kids, Sam, 14, and Charlie, 13.

As ENQUIRER readers know, Elin was teed off when she discovered Tiger was a sex addict with lovers stashed around the nation. She kicked him to the curb in 2009 but kept $110 million of his cash!

Still, Tiger is determined to wed Erica at “an intimate ceremony for friends and family in summer or fall,” says the pal, who adds, “He’ll have a prenup ready!”