Warren Beatty’s Fears As Transgender Son Says He Wants A Baby!

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Hollywood icons Warren Beatty and wife Annette Bening are torn over their “confused” son’s plans to start a family, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

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Born Kathlyn Beatty, transgendered Stephen Ira — 23, and the oldest of the couple’s four children — has announced he’s “definitely decided” to have a baby.

“Warren and Annette love their son, but it’s been difficult accepting Stephen’s change,” said a close source. “While they’re trying to let him live his own life, they’re concerned about him raising a child in his nontraditional lifestyle.

“They can’t decide whether to voice their concerns or remain silent.”

Stephen, a graduate of the once all-female Sarah Lawrence College, dresses as a man, but adds feminine accessories like ribbons, necklaces and rings.

He discussed starting a family in a video he made for the blog We Happy Trans.

“I identify as a Trans man, a faggy queen, a homosexual, a queer, a nerd fighter, a writer, an artist,” he declared in the video. “I am going to have babies and give them onesies with, ‘This is what a trans feminist looks like,’ written on them — which is something I have definitely decided to do.”

The insider added: “When Warren heard Stephen talk about having a baby, he was upset because he feels his son is still confused about his sexuality.

“Warren encouraged Stephen to go into therapy, but Stephen insists he’s fine and knows exactly what he wants.”

Stephen began living as a male at age 14. On Facebook, he claimed to have had “his boobs chopped,” but sources said he hasn’t had a complete sex change.

He also acknowledges taking male hormones. A photo he posted on Facebook using the name Stephen Farquhar shows him with a 5 o’clock shadow while sitting in a dentist’s chair.

Obviously, Stephen would have to stop taking the hormones to conceive.

As for a future grandchild, “Reds” director Warren, 78, and “American Beauty” star Annette, 57, “want very much to be part of the baby’s life,” added the source. “But they worry they won’t be given the opportunity to instill their values.”

They also worry because Stephen lives in Iowa City, Iowa, with his boyfriend, Liam.

“On one hand they’d like to step in and ensure their grandchild will be exposed to a traditional way of life. But on the other hand, they don’t want to interfere with Stephen’s right to bring up his son or daughter the way he wants.”