War in The White House!

Vice President Harris Remarks at the 40th Annual Black History Month Virtual Celebration
Rod Lamkey/POOL/CNP/startraksphoto.com

Conniving Kamala Harris has launched an underhanded campaign to trash 
Joe Biden after she found out he’s planning to dump her from the 2024 presidential ticket, Washington, D.C., political insiders tell 
The National ENQUIRER.

Now the simmering bad blood between 79-year-old Joe and his 2019 running mate has exploded into a no-holds- barred White House war as both fight for their political lives, spies say!

“Kamala hates Biden’s guts,” reveals a top Democratic Party insider. “She’s making the rounds telling anyone who’ll listen he’s a loser now — and in 2024.”

“She’s not stopping her staff from trash-talking him, either. They’re putting out the line he’s too old to be effective and has turned into a doddering, senile laughingstock.”

So far, Kamala has ducked questions about a 2024 shake-up, insisting she’s only “thinking about today.”

But behind the scenes, she’s said to be “absolutely furious” by the way Biden has saddled her with near-impossible tasks, like fixing the immigration crisis at the Texas-Mexico border. And she’s feverishly working Democratic party lines to replace him as top dog, political operatives tattle.

“Kamala is pushing party power brokers to get him off the ticket with a forced retirement for medical reasons and give her the top spot,” details the insider. “It’s a brutal betrayal of the man who made her.”

Besides lashing out at Biden privately, vengeful Kamala has also started to publicly snub him, recently refusing to appear alongside the president in a video celebrating the extension of a moratorium on the repayment of student debt.

“Kamala knows the only way to survive politically is to stab Joe in the back,” says another source. “The video was the first warning, but from now on there will be many more things ‘secretly’ leaking out to make Joe look worse and her look better.”

The source insists there is “panic in the White House” over fears Kamala’s attacks will cause more loss of faith in an administration drowning in unfavorable ratings.

“With the Democratic Party already flailing ahead of the November midterms, a spat between the president and the vice president is the last thing anyone needs,” notes an operative.

The hostility between the two dates back to their campaigns for the nomination, when Kamala wholeheartedly embraced claims by four women that Joe inappropriately touched them. She later accused him of opposing a federal busing policy intended to end school segregation.

“Well, that was some f**king bullsh*t,” a ticked-off Biden reportedly uttered to fellow candidate Pete Buttigieg, now his secretary of transportation. Even Joe’s prim schoolteacher wife, Jill Biden, raged Kamala could “go f**k herself,” sources claim.

Since winning the White House, their relationship has seemingly gone from bad to worse. It’s now quite literally a battle for survival. Biden apparently isn’t ready to let Kamala win without a fight. He’s belittled her during Oval Office meetings and refused to sit next to her at a memorial for the late Sen. Bob Dole.

Meanwhile, Kamala’s done herself no favors — and sources say the hot-tempered Californian has engaged in screaming showdowns with her boss!

As ENQUIRER readers know, she’s the most hated woman in Washington, according to Beltway insiders. Her office has descended into turmoil and chaos. A dozen staffers have quit, including her chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, with many complaining of a toxic work environment.

With the latest national surveys showing Kamala’s approval rating at a pathetic 32 percent and the president’s only marginally higher, sources say change is coming sooner than later.

“Biden must make a move to bring in a stronger, more competent vice president, someone who can paper over his own increasingly evident shortcomings in terms of 
policy and physical and 
mental competency,” retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely tells The ENQUIRER. “The Democratic Party will reasonably sacrifice Kamala in order to give them a better chance at retaining the White House. That’s a no-brainer.”

Texas-based political pundit Alex Stein agrees Kamala’s days are numbered.

“Joe’s going to need some serious star power to right his own sinking ship,” he tells 
The ENQUIRER. “I could 
imagine him coaxing Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or even Elizabeth Warren into joining him on the ticket to generate excitement and wake up Democratic voters.”

But with her back to the wall, Kamala will pull no punches, predict the sources.

“Kamala knows her career will be over if Joe drops her in 2024,” says the operative. “And things will only get nastier from here. She’ll stop at nothing to take him down.”