GORGEOUS Vivica A. Fox believed she’d found lasting love with rapper 50 Cent, but after they dated only a few months, he dumped her — and could take legal action, say sources.

Instead of moving on with her life, the “Independence Day” beauty has desperately tried to convince the tough-guy rapper he made a big mistake by breaking up. But her persistence has infuriated 50 Cent — and he vows if she doesn’t leave him alone, he’ll take action, says a pal.

“Vivica is absolutely devastated because 50 Cent just walked away from a relationship she thought was love. He simply cut it off, refusing to speak to her,” revealed a friend of the actress.

“She has called, and called, and called — trying unsuccessfully to get him on the phone so he could explain to her what happened.”

Their relationship began after 50 Cent thanked Vivica for wearing such a short, tight dress showing off her shapely body at an awards show in Los Angeles, said the friend.

“They started spending a lot of time together.” As far as 50 Cent was concerned, the two of them were just “hanging out,” but Vivica took the relationship to heart, divulged the friend.

“She began getting very possessive, complaining about the women that were hanging around him.”

After a few weeks of putting up with her jealous behavior, 50 Cent brushed her off like a two-bit pest, disclosed the friend.

“Vivica didn’t have a clue the relationship was over until she started getting calls from people who told her he was bad-mouthing her,” revealed the friend.

And her pal added: “She loves him and is very upset that their relationship is over.

“She was hoping if she could talk to him she could express how much his words were tearing her up inside.”

But the no-nonsense rapper considers her calls harassment, says the pal. “Now he could take legal action. Vivica is really hurt.” — PATRICIA SHIPP