Vito Schnabel Shocked As Heidi Klum Says ‘I don’t!’

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Heidi Klum’s announcement at the Emmys that she’ll never wed again has her 29-year-old boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, ready to find a new model to marry!

“Vito was shocked,” a source said. “He always thought it was only a matter of time until they married!”

The 42-year-old mom of four has been married and divorced twice, and said she’s done with getting hitched.

“Heidi likes the way things are,” the source said. “She feels that her career and her kids don’t leave room for another marriage.”

The supermodel’s public statement has the art dealer struggling to decide if he should stay with the woman he loves or start looking for a new girl.

“Heidi’s not ready to walk down the aisle, so Vito may be ready to just walk!” said the source.