‘View’ Snakepit Rattles Co-host Contenders!

Meghan McCain, daughter of former GOP Presidential candidate John McCain was a guest co host on "The View"
Steve Fenn/ABC

Frazzled producers at The View are struggling to find a conservative voice to replace mouthy Meghan McCain because no one is willing to dive into the daytime snakepit, sources spilled.

“Nobody wants to be the next target for the acid-tongued ladies of the table!” an insider snitched.

In August, Meghan, daughter of late Sen. John McCain, took her leave with guns blazing and charged in her four years on the ABC gabfest, she “experienced toxic, direct and purposeful hostility.”

Following countless battles with powerful liberal co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, spies said Meghan, 37, cautioned contenders to keep their distance if they want to maintain their dignity!

What’s more, a source dished, “Joy and Whoopi are not only vicious, but they don’t want another powerful voice like Meghan’s to have to go head-to-head with. Basically, they want a conservative who is willing to get rolled over on TV.”

And despite a spokesperson insisting plans for a replacement are “on track,” insiders claimed the show’s search has been stymied!

Tipsters said talks with FOX News contributor Lisa Marie Boothe, 36, fell apart in December after she refused to be vaccinated for COVID-19. But the source spilled the show’s egotistical panel is happy because with fewer ladies around the table, the more they get to hear themselves talk!

“It’s going to be hard to find somebody who wants to deal with co-hosts like that,” sniped the source.