Vanna White is Top Banana!

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

Bizarre Pat Sajak’s on thin ice at Wheel of Fortune where bigwigs are eyeing a shocking change — naming letter-turner Vanna White as host of the longtime game show, sources tattle.

Current host Pat, 75, and the 65-year-old blond stunner have reigned over the puzzle-solving game show for 40 years, but Sajak’s recent antics have triggered buzz Vanna may soon take the helm.

“Vanna’s not trying to steal Pat’s job, but he’s upset everyone with his off-the-rails behavior and people are saying he could be gone,” dishes an insider.

“He can still turn it around, but bosses have a contingency plan and are starting to look at other options.”

“Vanna did a fine job filling in for Pat when he was in the hospital for a blocked intestine and it’ll be up to her to take charge.”

“Even if she doesn’t want the hosting gig, she’ll have final approval over who they pick to replace Pat.”

As GLOBE previously reported, Pat, who rakes in $15 million a year on the show, has been acting crabby and rude toward contestants and his bizarre tweets continue to raise eyebrows and make people wonder if he’s losing his marbles.

In one recent post, he even spoke about retiring, writing: “I finally have a plan for my retirement years. I’m becoming a convenience store hold-up man.”

“Police: What did he look like?”

“Clerk: Well, he looked exactly like Pat Sajak!”

“So they’ll be looking for someone who looks like me. It’s perfect!”

But odds are the first pick to fill his boots will be Vanna, sources say.

“She’s proved herself more than capable of hosting the show herself,” spills an insider.

“Vanna never caused problems and she’s been nothing but professional, while Pat’s turned into a spoiled brat.”

“Unless he gets his act together, and he still has time, he might just find himself with a pink slip!”