Confessed killer JORAN  VAN DER SLOOT is under investigation for the disappearances of young women he recruited for the sex trade in Thailand, The ENQUIRER has learned.

"There are girls who went missing in Bangkok while van der Sloot was there. Thai investigators are looking into whether he might have been involved," said a source with Thai law enforcement.

"Girls who are approached by sex traffickers here often get killed, especially if they discover they are being tricked into prostitution and start to resist or threaten to go to the police.

"Many of these girls have no legal documents. If they go missing, nobody notices. It’s easy to kill them, hide the bodies and get away with it."

Van der Sloot, 22, lived in Bangkok in 2008 after authorities in Aruba failed to charge him with the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway. While in Bangkok, van der Sloot recruited women for the sex trade by posing as a production consultant for a modeling agency, using the alias "Murphy Jenkins," say sources.

He printed up bogus business cards, which listed the phone number of a buddy who agreed to back up his phony story. But his girl-peddling scam was cut short after he contacted a pal in Holland, asking for help getting into the sex trafficking trade.

Instead, his friend contacted Dutch journalist Peter de Vries, who set up a sting operation in Bangkok’s Landmark Hotel.

"Joran showed up with several girls he’d recruited by telling them they’d be photo models in Holland. He promised they’d make big money and live a luxurious life," de Vries told The ENQUIRER.

"In reality, his plan was that once they arrived in Holland, they’d be forced into prostitution in Dutch brothels."

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