BRAVE Valerie Harper, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, suffered a ter­rifying collapse just after her gut-wrench­ing elimination from “Dancing with the Stars” on Oct. 7.

Sources say the “Rhoda” star was so frail during her last performance on Season 17 of “DWTS” that she had to be helped in and out of her chair.

After privately admitting to the show’s co-host, Tom Bergeron, that she “re­cently got some bad news again,” friends are now worried the coura­geous TV legend’s rare brain cancer symptoms have returned.

“Valerie left ‘DWTS’ in a very weakened state,” disclosed a set insider. “When she tried to stand on her own, she collapsed right back down in her chair.

“It was a frightening reminder that, despite her brave and posi­tive attitude, she is still fighting cancer.”

After following up the previous week’s 16-point cha-cha with an 18-point Viennese waltz in Week 4 of the show, Valerie and her part­ner, dance pro Tristan MacManus, got the boot.

“My knees are killing me,” Valerie moaned afterward, lifting her gold lame gown to reveal two knees wrapped in heavy bandages.

WHILE Valerie has been complaining about her knee problems, a source said: “It appears her situa­tion is much more grave than her torn meniscus.

Now her friends are wor­ried that Valerie’s health has taken a serious turn for the worse.”

Valerie, 74, an­nounced in March that she was bat­tling a rare, deadly form of brain can­cer and was given only months to live. Incredibly, her cancer seemed to be close to remis­sion, prompting the actress – who shot to fame in the ’70s on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” – to sign up for the celebrity dance competi­tion.

After joining “DWTS,” she de­clared that she didn’t “have any symptoms” of the disease. But an­other source points out that being “symptom-free” is very different from being “cancer-free.”

“She’s far from being out of the woods,” the source continued. “She’s just trying to remain posi­tive, hoping the cancer doesn’t get worse.”

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