Sickly Val Kilmer’s Weird Claim: ‘I’m Doing ‘Top Gun 2’—Maybe!’


Val Kilmer has both friends and fans concerned over a weird fake film announcement!

The ailing actor took to Facebook to announce “I just got offered ‘Top Gun 2′”—and then sheepishly admitted that he was talking about a film that isn’t being made yet!

Val went from declaring “Let’s fire up some fighter jets again” to explaining: “I jumped the gun with my post…An innocent mistake. It was just such a wonderful phone call with my agent…”

The ailing actor definitely could’ve used some kind of reassuring news.

The National ENQUIRER has already reported that Val’s deadly throat tumor has some medical experts already planning end-of-life care for the movie star!

The ENQUIRER also revealed that the devout Christian Scientist has refused traditional medical treatments!

“This is a tough time for any actor,” said an insider.

“Val’s already been working less and less, and this kind of weird behavior can cost him roles!

“It’s not just that Val gossiped about a job—but that he seemed sick and disoriented while going public!”