Aging Hollywood beauty Michelle Pfeiffer is having second thoughts about the decision she made decades ago to choose family over career – because now Hollywood is turning its back on her.

“Hollywood execs rolled out the red carpet for her multiple times – and she snubbed them,” declared an insider.

The mom of two, married to Hollywood producer David E. Kelley “assumed she could take years off to raise kids and then the offers would start flowing in again,” the source added. “Sadly, she learned a hard lesson – Hollywood has a short attention span.”

The one-time Catwoman, 55, repeatedly turned down plum roles – including “Pretty Woman,” which earned Julia Roberts a best actress Oscar nomination; “The Silence of the Lambs,” which garnered Jodie Foster a best actress Oscar; “Basic Instinct,” which made Sharon Stone a major star, and “Evita,” which brought Madonna a Golden Globe.

The mother of Claudia, 20, and John, 19, “now realizes she made several life-changing career mistakes,” said the insider.

 “She’s struggling to find quality roles. Michelle is particularly jealous of Annette Bening’s career.”

Bening, 55, raised four youngsters with husband Warren Beatty while also juggling a career that includes four Academy Award nominations, six Golden Globe Award nominations with two wins, an Emmy nomination and critically acclaimed theater roles.

“In 2010, Michelle wanted the lead in ‘The Kids Are All Right,’ but Annette snagged that too,” said the source.

“Michelle worries she’s jinxed her once red-hot career, but she has something that many in Hollywood can’t boast of – a happy, enduring marriage.”