Tyrant J.Lo Keeps Ben Hopping 24/7!

Jennifer Lopez arriving at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
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Bossy Jennifer Lopez continues to wear the pants in her relationship with Ben Affleck — with the diva now demanding he serve as her de facto music manager and talent agent, spies snitch!

And the two-time Oscar winner is not only complying with J.Lo’s edict but embracing his role as her behind-the-scenes wingman, sources tell The National ENQUIRER.

“Ben is actually perfect for this, more than any other man she’s been with,” dishes an insider. “He loves strategy and backroom business dealings as well as grappling with the big picture of a movie career.”

At age 52, Lopez continues to defy the odds with a career that’s skyrocketing through middle age.

“Jennifer’s responsibilities have only grown in the years since she and Ben were first a couple, so she’s glad to have the support,” says the insider. “Ben’s organizing her workload, suggesting things for her to do, and keeping her motivated. When she needs advice, he’s there to give it. He’s soft-spoken and thoughtful but never pushy. She totally trusts his instincts.”

Lopez recorded the song “On My Way” for her new film Marry Me, and sources say Affleck has encouraged her to keep fusing together her musical and acting talents.

“It’s great if the movies are a hit that people love, but there’s this much bigger upside if her theme song is a smash, like Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ for A Star Is Born, ” explains the insider. “Jennifer hasn’t done this much before, but Ben is encouraging her to focus on it every time she brings out one of these rom-coms, which is twice a year if she keeps her pace up.”

The ENQUIRER has learned Affleck, 49, would like to direct his sweetheart in one of his own grittier films.

“Ben thinks she’s an amazing actress and can handle serious drama as deftly as romantic movies,” reveals the insider. “He’d love to coax an Oscar-winning performance out of her.”

The combination of J.Lo’s fiery passion and Affleck’s cool intellect could catapult them both to even greater heights.

“Ben has seen some incredible windfalls over the ten years since ‘Argo,’ and he’s doing his best to steer Jennifer in the same direction,” says the insider. “She wants it, too, and realizes that Ben has the brains to make it happen.”

Still, some people wonder how long Affleck will tolerate being led around by the nose.

“Ben knows he screwed up with Jennifer the first time around, and he’s trying to make up for it now,” notes a source. “But he’s a proud, macho guy, and I’d guess at some point he’s going to stop taking orders, and that will cause real problems.