TV Funeral Director Branded an Ashhole!

Funeral Director
Funeral Director

Flashy Texas mortician John Beckwith Jr. — known for staging over-the-top sendoffs on TLC’s Best Funeral Ever — mishandled the remains of more than a dozen dead people, grieving relatives charge.

At least 17 families, who entrusted Beckwith’s Golden Gate Funeral Home with their late loved ones, are suing the Dallas-based business and the flamboyant reality TV star.

Some say they were given the wrong person’s ashes, cremains were disposed without permission or bodies were left to rot, according to court documents.

Jackie Carlisle claims Golden Gate misplaced her mom, Jennifer Hall, in 2020. Her suit charges when the funeral home finally found Hall’s bloated corpse, it reeked and was partially decomposed — and still clad in a hospital gown!

“It broke me, and I fell on the floor,” Carlisle says.

She also alleges she was forced to use her own makeup and perfume to “help remedy Jennifer’s -appearance and odor.”

In another lawsuit, Nekaya Webster says for months she begged for the ashes of her father, Aldo Busby — only to find they were scattered in Louisiana against her wishes!

“My siblings and I had wanted to have his urn with his ashes, so we could hold it and remember him,” Webster explains.

And another suit charges when a daughter opened her dad’s urn to add the Vietnam veteran’s military medals, she found tiny white pebbles instead of the hero’s cremains!

Tonika Brown, an attorney for the funeral home and Beckwith, says they plan to “defend against these claims in a court of law.”