Turncoat Tom Brady’s Holding Penalty!

Dolphins Buccaneers Football, Tampa, United States - 10 Oct 2021
Alex Menendez/AP/Shutterstock

Gridiron great Tom Brady is wed to one of the world’s most gorgeous gals, but he’s so focused on football, he’s too busy to score with supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen, sources blab.

The 41-year-old Brazilian bombshell thought her romantic life was going to sizzle after Tom, 44, announced his retirement when the NFL season ended this winter, but then he stunned her and fans by pulling an end-around and re-signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Tom promised Gisele he was going to retire, so going back on his word hasn’t helped things between them,” spills an insider.

“He’s either constantly working out or in meetings to the point where he’s all work and no play — plus he’s obsessed with dieting and the new football season. The romance is few and far between.”

Still, the supermodel knows how to play ball and “is putting a happy face on publicly,” dishes the source.

“But privately she’s very disappointed because he promised their family life would be their new focus.”

The curvy cutie is mom of Tom’s kids Vivian, 9, and Ben, 12. He also has a son, Jack, 14, with Blue Bloods beauty Bridget Moynahan.

Now that he’s all in with football again, “Gisele’s reaction has been to put her focus back on her career,” says the insider. “That means she doesn’t have time or the inclination to snuggle either.”

Tom realized his decision meant he’d been benched by Gisele so he tried to score points by praising her recent photo shoot on social media, the spy says.

But a source insists that was “not enough” to make him first-string again.

“Friends have noticed they’re in a terrible rut, which is a shame because they seem to have it all: a beautiful family and more money than anyone could ever dream of,” sighs the source.

“Something’s got to give because it’s bound to get worse when Tom gets back to the training field.”