With new allegations flying over the paternity of Jacko’s two oldest kids with Debbie Rowe Prince Michael I and Paris – we’ve discovered the real truth of how the pop star got caught up in telling lies about his kids!

 A few years after his 1999 divorce from Rowe, The ENQUIRER reported exclusively in 2003 that a Jackson family insider and others came forward to say the two children were really conceived by an anonymous sperm donor. (The third child Blanket” came from a secret adoption.)

Jackson was then caught up in apparent lies during an interview with Martin Bashir.

Bashir asked: “And you would like to have (more children) as you have done with your other three? You know by getting a surrogate mother…”

Jackson responded: “Well the, the, the, first two, Prince and Paris, were from Debbie, which was natural conception, you know, and…”

Bashir interrupted: “You had sex with Debbie?”

Jackson: “Yes.”

The pop star’s late former brother-in-law Jack Gordon – who was married to Michael’s sister La Toya for eight years – said in a past interview with The ENQUIRER:

“No one in his family really believes Michael fathered these children Michael is terrified that a DNA test will prove there is no blood link between himself and these three kids.

“Michael has told many lies over the years, but the lies about his own kids is definitely the biggest, and potentially the most damaging.

“His two children by Debbie Rowe were fathered by an anonymous sperm donor. Their real father is not black like Michael.  He’s a Caucasian whom Debbie picked from a list of donor profiles available at a sperm bank.”

Debbie Rowe’s father Gordon also reportedly disputed Michael’s parentage claim. According to an Associated Press article in 1996, Gordon claimed that his daughter told him the conception of Jackson’s first child occurred by artificial insemination.

"I said, ‘Debbie, why artificial insemination? Isn’t he capable of fathering a child like anyone else?’”  Gordon was quoted in the interview. 

“She laughed and said, ‘Michael doesn’t do anything like anyone else.’”

Debbie’s father retracted his statement later, sources say, after Jackson angrily went to Debbie and said he was embarrassed about what he said in print.

Steve Shmerier
, who dated Debbie before she became pregnant, was also quoted as saying he was convinced the child was conceived by artificial insemination.

During Jackson’s child molestation trial in 2005, Jackson’s lawyers came closest to admitting once and for all that the singer was not the biological father to Rowe’s kids.

In an answer to Judge Rodney Melville, Jackson attorney Robert Sanger argued that the Bashir TV interview could not be admitted into evidence because of its truthfulness.

 Sanger told the court: “The circumstances that related to the birth of the children wouldn’t be admitted for the truth of the matter – only his love of the children.”