Not a good day for The DONALD as WOODY ALLEN steals his “DICE”!

 IN the oddest face-off ever, Woody Allen went mano-a-mano with Donald Trump over crude comic Andrew Dice Clay – and Woody won!

The Diceman nixed a spot on Trump’s first-ever “Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars” so he could appear in Woody’s latest film, sources say.

“Earlier this summer Woody cast Dice in the meaty role of a tough guy in his new movie, which is set in San Francisco and New York,” said an insider.

“He felt that Dice going on ‘The Apprentice’ would bump up against his production dates, and he wanted the bad boy funnyman all to himself.”

THE stand-up comic, 55, rose to fame in the ’80s with his raunchy comedy routines and also landed sev­eral acting gigs. But his career sputtered until being re-energized by his appearance on the last season of the HBO series “Entourage” in 2011.

Meanwhile, Clay was the first star fired by Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice 2” in 2009, but “Donald always appreciated Dice’s brand of Brooklyn street humor,” said the source.

“He felt Dice would supply extra spice to the reality show’s ‘All-Stars’ edition. But when Dice told him that he was filming a Woody Allen movie, and Woody didn’t want him juggling the role with preparing for the TV show, Donald backed off.”

Even better, Trump gave Clay his blessing, said the source.

“Now Dice has told Donald that he owes him,” contin­ued the source, “and he’d love to be on one of his shows in the future.”