The Atlanta resort JOHN TRAVOLTA stayed when he allegedly sexually assaulted a male masseur has been notified in writing to preserve the surveillance video as potential key evidence in the bombshell lawsuit filed by "John Doe 2".

Thus far, two male masseurs allege that the Grease star sexually assaulted them and are suing the actor for $2 million dollars in damages. Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer has vehemently denied the allegations and branded the men liars, threatening to counter-sue.

"The hotel has been notified by the masseur's attorney to preserve the surveillance video of the time when Travolta stayed there," a source close to the case tells

"The surveillance video will be crucial evidence in the case because it shows Travolta going to the spa the next day after it is claimed the incident occurred, looking for the masseur, because he wanted to see him again, which is all detailed in the lawsuit.

"Travolta was told the masseur wasn't available and he left.

"The masseur was extremely upset when he left Travolta's room, which would have been captured on the camera in the hallway as well.

"The hotel has indicated that they will preserve all evidence in the case, including the surveillance video, and all electronic communication regarding Travolta. They are standing by the masseur," the insider says.

Hotel management have also met with staff and placed them on a strict no-press lockdown with the threat of losing their job.

"The hotel has held multiple meetings over the past two days, focusing on all spa employees," a source said. "The meeting was to remind staff about the hotel policy to never speak to the media, or the public about guests of the hotel, or any activity they witness at the hotel. Everyone was warned that speaking to the media is grounds for termination."

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