Cash-strapped star Tori Spelling is at the center of explosive claims that state her signature was forged in a bid to settle a $60 million lawsuit!

A suit against Tori and husband Dean McDermott was settled in January, but reignited in March, The National ENQUIRER has learned, based on the findings of a handwriting expert who claimed Tori’s signature on settlement papers was forged.

What’s more, a handwriting expert commissioned by The ENQUIRER has also concluded Tori’s signature is phony. However, in a statement the reality TV star’s attorney, James Mandelbaum, said: “It is Tori’s signature.”

Peggy Walla, a forensic document and handwriting examiner, compared Tori’s scrawl on the settlement agreement to known examples of the star’s autograph.

She found the signature “starts and ends in opposite directions, and its proportions are not the same as Tori’s actual signature.”

Now, TV exec JR O’Neil, a former plaintiff in the suit, has told The ENQUIRER he is considering filing a civil suit to reverse the court’s decision. According to JR, the duo failed to set up their production company as a corporation, which means they could be personally liable if a new civil action is filed.

The couple have also suffered financial setbacks: Once worth up to $20 million, they’re now deeply in debt.