Top Secret FBI Files … Continued

SECRET EXTORTION PLOT TO EXPOSE ‘GAY’ LIBERACE!: The 400-page file on Liberace is stuffed with reports of numerous extortion plots threatening to expose the piano-playing star’s homosexuality.

The flamboyant entertainer was able to maintain the front until 1982 when Scott Thorson, his 22-yearold former chauffeur and live-in boy toy, sued him for $113 million.

The case was settled out of court in 1986.

Liberace never admitted his sexuality.

What’s more, Liberace’s file detailed the extensive investigation into the 1974 theft of hundreds of his precious jewels.

The FBI also investigated the singer for making illegal bets on horse races with a shady bookmaker.

SINATRA SECRET SEX STING!: The bulging 1,300-page file of Ol’ Blue Eyes dates back to 1938 when officers snagged him in two sleazy sex stings.

The Bergen County, N.J. Sheriff ’s Office nabbed 2 2-year-old Frank Sinatra on Nov. 26, and charged him with “seduction” after he shacked up with a woman in Lodi, N.J.

That case was eventually dismissed, but he was collared again about a month later for “adultery.”

The report fur ther accused Frank of dodging the draft, and linked the “ Strangers in th e Night” singer to several mobsters, including powerful Mafia boss Carlo Gambino.

‘TRAVOLTA & ALLEY’S CULT HID MURDER, TORTURE & BRAINWASHING SECRETS’: The controversial Church of Scientology – which claims John Travolta and Kirstie Alley as members – has come under scrutiny for murder, torture and brainwashing.

In thousands of pages of files, the FBI called the religion a “cult,” and said it attracted “perverts, hypochondriacs and curiosity seekers.”

A March 1981 document revealed cops reported church member William Fisk was “shot to death before members of the group in the Seattle headquarters in the Church of Scientology” on Sept. 11, 1963.

The “premeditated killing ” was triggered by an enraged husband who felt his marriage was imploding because William and the church urged his wife to dump him.

The files a lso described church founder L. Ron Hubbard as being “hopelessly insane” and suffering from “paranoid schizophrenia.”

Hubbard’ s wife, Sara Northrup, accused him of physical and psychological torture thro ugh “denial of sleep, beatings, strangulations and suggestions that she kill herself,” the files said.

In another bizarre incident, officials in New Jersey accused the church of practicing surgery without a license and conducting “scientific torture experiments.”

The FBI raided the church’s offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles in 1977, and arrested 11 members, including Hubbard’s third wife, on espionage and conspiracy charges.

Hubbard was labeled an “unindicted co-conspirator” and went into deep hiding.

He died at age 74 in 1986.

A representative for the church said the claims made in the FBI documents “all have been proven to be false and evince the harassment of a new religion in its formative years.”

JAMES GARNER FORCED TO PLAY REAL-LIFE DETECTIVE – OR DIE!: Star of “Rockford Files” James Garner was targeted for death by a mentally ill man who wanted him to play a real-life detective, according to his 146-page FBI file.

“If you don’t help me I am going to kill you! That’s laying the facts down!” the deranged man wrote to the “Maverick” actor.

The nutcase wanted James to track down an actress, whose name was redacted.

The FBI confirmed the man was in a hospital for “incarcerated mentally disordered sex offenders and the criminally insane.”

The Black Panthers also sent James a death threat after he flirted with African-American actress Chelsea Brown on TV’s “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” in 1969.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR’S BLOOD BATH WITH JACKIE O & FARRAH!: An extortionist threatened to kill Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, along with Jackie Onas sis and “Charlie’s Angels” star Farrah Fawcett- Majors, in 1978!

David Lamar, 34, mailed threatening letters demanding $25,000 from each of the beauties “or [the] victims would be shot to death with a 0.22 caliber,” according to the “Cleopatra” beauty’s 154- page FBI file.

He was nabbed a nd charged with extortion.

The “National Velvet” star also dealt with multiple extortion attempts between 1949 and 1987 in the form of death threats, creepy fan mail and other “foul threats” from stalkers.

LISA MARIE & JANET’S SHOCK AT JACKO’S PORN VIDEO!: The King of Pop was also the king of secret child pedophile videos, according to his 333-page FBI file.

At the height of accusations he’d molested young boys, authorities in California called in the FBI’s forensic team to examine Michael’s secret stash of videotapes of children after 30 computers were seized from his Neverland Ranch.

The feds honed in on a VHS tape titled: “Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favorites, an All Boy Anthology.”

The heavily censored files do not reveal its findings.

A source told The ENQUIRER: “Michael’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, had to be shocked by the horrible disclosure. She got out of the marriage before they had any children together.

“And his family, particularly his sister Janet, were disgusted by the news.”

The docs also include a startling complaint filed by a Canadian couple who noticed the singer’s creepy behavior around a 12- or 13-year-old boy while on board a train in March 1972.

The couple complained that “Jackson was very possessive of the boy at night,” and “heard questionable noises through the wall.”