Tom Selleck is reportedly livid over plans to make a star-studded “Magnum P.I.” movie – without him!

The “Blue Bloods” star, 69, was desperate to portray the 1980s TV detective that made him a superstar on the small screen, a close source told The National ENQUIRER.

Tom claimed he was snubbed as Hollywood producers plotted a movie version behind his back with much younger stars like George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey.

Enraged that the studios think he’s too old to don the character’s famed Hawaiian shirts, Tom slammed the reboot, according to reports.

“Regardless of who they hire, assuming it’s not me, I think a lot of ‘Magnum’ fans will be very upset,” Tom said. “And I’ll be glad to hear it.”

The veteran actor had hoped to get a call from the directors and producers planning the new “Magnum” movie.

“They never called, they never wrote,” Tom admitted. “I’m not resentful, but it just never happened. I still think I could play him again.”

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey hinted he had passed up a $15 million “Magnum” payday because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

The source added: “Tom’s a big family man, too. But he would love to play Magnum – just one more time.”