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Tom Hanks Makes Homeowner A Deal He Can’t Refuse

When one of Hollywood's biggest stars comes knocking...

tom hanks buy house cash surprise
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Tom Hanks shocked a Santa Monica, Calif. resident recently when the “Forrest Gump” A-lister personally turned up and rang the doorbell to chat with the startled owner!

The place was absolutely perfect for his son, Hanks said, then offered him lots of cold, hard cash. And it worked!

“It seems Tom made a lucrative offer the homeowner just couldn’t refuse,” a neighborhood busybody told The National ENQUIRER.

Tom Hanks Ready To Walk Meg Down The Aisle!

“They made an all-cash, quickie handshake deal to buy it on the spot,” the source continued.

Sadly, Tom and his wife, Rita Wilson, have had their fair share of problems with their 28-year-old son, Chet, a recovering drug addict.

But snoops whispered the cozy nest Tom’s now snapping up, not far from the beach, may be a grand graduation present for their youngest son — brainy 22-year-old Truman.

Said the source: “Tom and Rita are beyond proud of Truman, who recently graduated from Stanford University.” Mazel tov!