Mike Walker

Tom Cruise’s New Nosey Super Power

The wacky actor is boasting about his awesome olfactory abilities!

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Mike Walker Reports… If this don’t crinkle your nose, nothing will!

Scientology’s studly super-alien, Tom Cruise, suddenly claims that he’s acquired an extraordinary NEW superpower: the mind-blowing ability to fire up his honker and not only smell — but actually identify — odors wafting from literally MILES AWAY!

Revealed a Cruise business source: “Tom believes his senses have suddenly heightened to superhero levels since his recent ascension to an even higher Scientology level!

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“He maintains that he no longer catches colds himself or even becomes congested — but has now acquired the power to sniff anyone — even from great distances — and know exactly what they’ve been up to!

“The star recently scolded a staffer on his new ‘Jack Reacher’ movie for smelling like an ashtray, even though the dude hadn’t smoked for over a month!

“Tom even knows what you ate for breakfast, simply by taking a whiff! It’s astonishing!”