Mike Walker

Tom Cruise: Neat Freak Has ‘Filthy’ Meltdown

Slams film crew for dirty living!

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Mike Walker Reports… When it comes to talkin’ trash to the trashiest, Tom Cruise is TOP GUN, proving it on the London set of his new “Jack Reacher” flick!

The movie star — who had paid for a barista-staffed “coffee tent” that treated cast and crew to gourmet brews — suddenly exploded like a caffeine-fueled rocket, screaming that his coworkers were all “filthy SLOBS!”

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Said my spy: “Tom, a total neat freak, spotted people littering the set with paper cups and boiled over in a steaming rant — actually stopping production to rage at the messy staff to clean up their messes NOW — howling, ‘I can’t TAKE IT!’

“Cast and crew rushed to toss all trash ASAP!

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“But suddenly, everyone was fighting a wild impulse to burst out laughing when Tom — who had turned away to talk to an exec — was blindsided by a bit actor who mistakenly eyeballed Tom’s OWN cup of joe for trash and tossed it in the garbage!

“So when Tom turned to grab his cup, it was BUH-BYE, BREW!”