A disgraced Tiger Woods is terrified that the worst news is yet to come – that he fathered love children with his mistresses! And his many liaisons may have been caught on tape!

That’s the bombshell charge that could wreck what’s left of his once squeaky-clean image, sink his badly tattered marriage and destroy his multimillion-dollar endorsement empire. 

Yesterday, Gatorade dropped a popular Tiger drink and not one of his endorsed commercials have aired since Nov. 30th.

The golf great had wild unprotected sex with a string of mistresses, sources tell The ENQUIRER- and now he fears claims that his out-of-control sexual proclivities may have produced children.

"That would be the final straw for his wife – AND Tiger knows it," said an insider. "But there is definitely more than one woman out there who could come forward to say she had his babies."

To make matters even worse, the 33-year-old sports star is reportedly worried that a lurid sex tape could appear and wreck his desperate attempts to cling onto the wreckage of his marriage to beauty and ex-model Elin Nordegren who has just bought a $2 million mansion in her native Sweden as a fail-safe escape house in case the marriage disintegrates.

Since the ENQUIRER exclusively revealed Tiger’s affair with New York party girl Rachel Uchitel two weeks ago, a procession of women have been identified as his lovers.

Among the places they claim to have had sex with the sports superstar are his Florida mansion and a series of hotels – all places that have security cameras.

At least one of the women also shot homemade videos of romps with other boyfriends.

Tiger’s frantic handlers are scrambling to bury any talk of sex tapes, minimize the damage and perform CPR on his image.

But more and more women emerge almost daily claiming liaisons with the father of two.

The ENQUIRER even received an incredible call that one woman who had an affair with Woods in June 2007 aborted his child.

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