UPDATE: Tiger Girl Rachel Uchitel whom The Enquirer first exposed in a worldwide bombshell exclusive has saved hundreds of messages from their five month affair and will receive big bucks from Team Tiger to STAY QUIET. Sources say she will nab between $1 and $ 3mil to never publicly admit the affair and to delete her sexting with the golf king of swing.

Tiger and Rachel traded text messages and e-mails on a regular basis and many were of a highly sexual nature, the ENQUIRER learned.

The NYC party girl who axed her confessional presser with lawyer Gloria Allred is reportedly holding out for a large payday from Tiger’s team allegedly in the neighborhood of $1 million and UP to maintain her silence about the inflammatory relationship.  Sources say that if Tiger doesn’t pay up she’ll drop out of sight for awhile, holding out for an even BIGGER pay day from a major media pub or TV network.

As other girls alleging affairs with the potent putter are crawling out of the Woods-work cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubs, who released her own voicemail audio-tape of Tiger begging her to delete info from her phone, has NOW been outed as serving up cocktails of a very different sort.

Grubbs works at a medical marijuana dispensary in California, The Enquirer has learned.  It’s no secret that for the right price anyone can obtain a card to buy pot legally on the streets of California.

Jaimee is now repped by a  top LA PR firm who is shopping her story to TV, RadarOnline.com reports.

Meanwhile Tiger’s wife, Swedish bombshell and mother of his two cubs, Elin Nordegren, who has remained silent even after Wood’s confession to "transgressions"  has an ironclad prenup with bonus incentives for every year she remains married to the multimillionaire endorsement king.  Erin is now reportedly being offered an additional $80 million to keep from walking and taking their two kids with her.

The couple will also attend marriage counseling in an attempt to stave off a volatile costly divorce battle.

Financial experts’ heads spin when they attempt to figure the worth Tiger’s empire would lose in a bitter divorce war even with a pre-nup.

In fact, all nups may be off as more and more alleged lovers begin peering out of the green$ like so many Caddyshack gophers.

It’s only a matter of time before the first alleged love child reports begin circulating.