The ENQUIRER’s Blue Dot Leads Woman To 10 Jackpots Worth $335K!

Hit it big with The ENQUIRER's lucky circle!

The Enquirer's Lucky Circle Leads Woman To 10 Jackpots
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Can a simple circle of ink bring incredible luck? Yes, it can — when it’s The National ENQUIRER’s famed Blue Dot!

Just ask Jane Wargin, who’s hit an amazing ten jackpots in the last six months, including one whopping payout of $316,496 — all thanks to the Blue Dot!

“I’m never going to stop using it!” gushed the 72-year-old retiree.

The Wisconsin woman visits the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee with her husband, Richard, 74, a retired police chief, every Saturday.

Jane’s hot streak started last October when she doubled up on the Blue Dot’s power — and put two Blue Dots in her purse. She also rubbed the Blue Dot along her hands and arms — and quickly hit five video poker jackpots worth about $12,000!

 Then, on December 22, Jane struck gold on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

 After making her third $5 bet, music began blaring, lights started flashing and security came running!

 “It was surreal,” she recalled. “The casino guys came up to me immediately and said, ‘Congratulations,’ and I said, ‘What did I win?’

“They said, ‘You got the jackpot!’” Her husband shrieked: “I don’t believe it!”

 Security guards promptly roped off the machine while casino officials verified her $316,496 jackpot. With time on her hands, Jane continued gambling — and WINNING!

“The ironic thing is that I kept hitting!” she laughed.

“I got a $1,100 jackpot and then a $900 jackpot — the SAME DAY! It was unbelievable.”

Incredibly, one week later, Jane won $2,522, and on January 3, she won $2,000!

Jane and her husband of 30 years have used the windfall to buy a new Lincoln SUV and gifted cash to family and friends.

“The Blue Dot was good to me — and I’m trying to pay it forward,” Jane said.

Don’t believe you’re that lucky?

“Set aside your skepticism and believe your life can be changed,” said psychic Judy Hevenly, who personally energized The ENQUIRER Blue Dot. “Fully accept your luck is going to change and carry your Blue Dot with you.”

And maybe you, too, will hit it big!