TERI HATCHER wants to make it clear she isn’t giving anyone the cold shoulder – the “Desperate Housewives” star is suffering from a rare and debilitating condition called FROZEN shoulder!

The disorder, medically known as “adhesive capsu­litis,” occurs when shoulder joints stiffen and swell, and the unusual medical problem is keeping the 46-year-old actress from fully lifting her left arm.

The situation has gotten so bad Teri says she can’t even hook a bra anymore – and if she doesn’t see improvement soon she’s considering surgery.

“Teri’s trying to remain optimistic, but her shoulder condition has really got her down in the dumps,” a friend told The ENQUIRER.

Currently, treatment consists of regular shots of cortisone to ease the inflammation, in addition to physical therapy. Teri insists she’s trying to move forward through the painful ordeal, but her quality of life has been compromised.

The physically fit star – who has twice participated in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon – told an interviewer that she was desperately anxious to get back into her normal exercise routine.

Respected Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bal Rajagopalan told The ENQUIRER that Teri’s injury was most likely caused by “overuse.”

“She’s an avid workout fanatic, and often the shoulder area, particularly the rotator cuff, becomes sore and inflamed.”

The doctor explains that the painful condi­tion can last for up to two years if not treated aggressively.

Despite her injury, Teri is keeping a positive attitude and remains committed to staying in shape.

"I am training for this year’s triathlon, even though my movement is limited,” she said.