Ted Kennedy inconsolable as beloved sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver dies at 88.

The Kennedy sister and Special Olympics founder passed "quietly into that good night" at 2 AM Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, her family said in a statement.

At her bedside was last surviving brother Teddy, husband Sargent Shriver who founded the Pace Corps and is battl;ing Alzheimer’s, daughter Maria Shriver, her hubby Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and close family and friends.

”Eunice Shriver is all the things that Kennedy women are – long, lean, athletic, toothy, pearl-necklaced, prolific, clannish, energetic," filmmaker Nora Ephron described Eunice in 1966.

"She is also a few things that Kennedy women are not – intellectual, witty, and committed in a whole, social sense that none of her sisters or sisters-in-law can match.”

Sen. Kennedy who’s been battling brain cancer put on a brave face, hiding the sorrows and all the gravitas of being the last of the Camelot era, remembering his big sister as a "young girl with great humor, sharp wit, and a boundless passion to make a difference."

"She understood deeply the lesson our mother and father taught us — much is expected of those of whom much has been given," Kennedy said.

"Throughout her extraordinary life, she touched the lives of millions, and for Eunice that was never enough."